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Welcome to Modern Meliora: Art Inspired by the Pacific Northwest

Hello, and welcome to the official blog of Modern Meliora! I'm thrilled to have you here as we embark on this creative journey together. Modern Meliora is a brand dedicated to art, stationery, and handcrafted goods, all inspired by the breathtaking beauty and everyday magic of the Pacific Northwest.

The Essence of Modern Meliora

Modern Meliora was born from a deep love for the natural splendor of the outdoors. I started Modern Meliora in 2020 while living in California and moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2022. This region, with its lush forests, misty coastlines, and vibrant communities, provides endless inspiration for my artistic endeavors. From watercolor landscapes to intricate gouache illustrations and vibrant acrylic paintings, every piece is a celebration of this enchanting corner of the world.

Art That Resonates

At Modern Meliora, I strive to create art that not only captures the beauty of the Pacific Northwest but also resonates with the emotions and experiences of everyday life. Whether it's the serene calm of having tea in the morning, the vibrant hues of a sunset over the mountains, or the delicate details of a wildflower, my work aims to evoke a sense of wonder and connection. If I could describe my art style in 3 words it would be vibrant, serene, and whimsical.

Handcrafted with Love

In addition to art, Modern Meliora offers a range of hand-painted goods designed to bring a touch of the Pacific Northwest into your daily life. Each item is carefully crafted with love and attention to detail, ensuring that you receive a product that is both beautiful and meaningful. From hand-painted earrings and hats to unique home decor pieces, there's something for everyone.

Join the Journey

This blog will be a space where I share the stories behind my creations, insights into my creative process, and glimpses of life in the Pacific Northwest. I'll also provide tips and tutorials for fellow artists and crafters, showcase new product launches, and keep you updated on upcoming events and exhibitions.

Stay Connected

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope that through Modern Meliora, you find inspiration, joy, and a deeper appreciation for the beauty of the world around us. Be sure to subscribe to the blog for regular updates, follow us on social media, and feel free to reach out to connect. Let's celebrate the art of living beautifully, together.

Warm regards,

Truc-Quan Nguyen


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