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Wedding Stationery

At Modern Meliora, we're not just about creating stationery. We're about capturing your story, your love, and your dreams onto paper. Whether it's painting a breathtaking venue map, designing charming signature cocktail cards, or crafting personalized invitations and thank you cards, we're committed to helping couples achieve the wedding stationery of their dreams. Through our art, we aim to bring your vision to life, adding a personalized touch to your special day that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Truc-Quan's wedding story

"In the whirlwind excitement of planning my own wedding, I found myself knee-deep in vendors, color choices, and countless Pinterest boards. Having no prior experience in large-scale event planning, I embarked on this journey with a determined heart and a vision of creating a day that was truly ours.

As I navigated through the sea of endless possibilities, I realized that our wedding stationery could be the ideal canvas to portray our personal story. It could be more than just an informative piece; it could be a sneak peek into the love that we share and the life that we've built together. Inspired by this thought, I picked up my paintbrush and began to create.

I painted our wedding invitations, infusing each stroke with the joy and anticipation of our big day. Next came the venue maps, artfully illustrating the place where we would exchange our vows. I designed signature cocktail cards that showcased our favorite drinks, adding a fun, personalized touch to our reception. Lastly, I handcrafted heartfelt thank you cards, expressing our profound gratitude to all those who celebrated this new chapter with us.

Creating these personalized pieces added a layer of intimacy to our wedding that pre-made stationery simply couldn't capture. Every brush stroke, every color choice, every tiny detail was a reflection of us and our journey together. It was an incredibly rewarding experience, and it added a touch of authentic charm to our special day that our guests still reminisce about.

This personal journey sparked a realization in me. There are countless couples out there, each with their unique love story, navigating the same overwhelming sea of wedding planning. If I could bring the same joy I experienced in creating our wedding stationery to these couples, it would make their special day that much more meaningful."

Services we offer


Wedding Stationery Packages

Learn more about what packages we offer and pricing!


Custom Design Items

Interested in only one or a few services? See our a la carte menu of services and pricing!


Our Process

Learn more about our custom wedding stationery process!

Wedding Stationery Packages

Platinum Petals Package

Our highest tier offering, the Platinum Petals Package, provides the ultimate luxury stationery experience. It's designed to cover all your stationery needs, ensuring a cohesive look and feel throughout your wedding.

Save-the-date cards

Wedding Invitation suite

Venue map

Signature cocktails painting

Thank you cards

Wedding logo

Hand-lettering designs for signage

Custom painting of wedding bouquet for keepsake

Golden Gardenia Package

The Golden Gardenia Package offers a wonderful balance of custom-crafted elements and budget-friendly options. It's an excellent choice for couples wanting to incorporate handcrafted artistry into their special day without overextending their budget.

Save-the-date cards

Wedding Invitation design

Signature cocktails painting

Thank you cards

Wedding logo

Silver Blossom Package

Our most affordable tier, the Silver Blossom Package, is designed for budget-conscious couples who still desire a touch of personalization. With the Silver Blossom Package, you can add a touch of bespoke elegance to your wedding day without breaking the bank.

Save-the-date cards

Wedding Invitation design

Wedding logo

Stationery À La Carte

For those couples who desire a touch of customization without requiring a full package, our Wedding Stationery À La Carte service is the perfect fit. This option allows you to handpick specific stationery items that align with your needs and vision. From hand-painted invitations and bespoke save-the-date cards, to personalized venue maps or signature cocktail cards, you can choose what suits your taste. Whether you're looking for just one unique piece or a selection of items, our À La Carte service gives you the freedom to create a wedding stationery ensemble that is as unique as your love story.

Save-the-Date Cards

Wedding Invitations

Venue/location painting

Couple painting

Signature cocktails painting

Custom Hand-lettering 

Thank You cards

Custom Bouquet Keepsake Painting

Watercolor painting for invitations/cards

Want to learn more about our pricing?

Our Custom Stationery Process


If you’re interested in custom wedding stationery design, start by writing down your vision from color choices, styles, designs, etc. We recommend you create a Pinterest board and pin all of your favorite wedding pins from flowers to venue style. Having a "vision board" helps us understand your ideas better and we want to know all the unique details! 

We offer a complimentary consultation for anyone interested in working with us for their custom wedding stationery needs. Simply contact us by filling out this form and we'll reach out with next steps for a text, phone call, or video chat consultation. 

Within a week of our conversation we'll send you a proposal. To reserve our services, please approve the estimate and the non-refundable deposit. From there we’ll send you some helpful resources and create a detailed timeline to ensure that everything flows seamlessly.


Based on the notes from our meeting and vision boards we'll start the design process and create 3 different mock-ups with sketches and font pairings. 

Let us know what you think! Give us your feedback on the mockups so we can narrow down your vision. Depending on your design package, you will receive one or two additional revisions. We can even combine your favorite aspects of the mock-ups for a different look! Once a final design has been selected, we'll create any custom artwork and design the rest of your suite. 

Before printing, we'll send you a final proof for your approval. This is the time to double or even triple-check for any typos or copy errors. Once you sign the final proof, we are not responsible for any errors once we go into production. At this time the remaining balance will be due and your order will ship in 4-6 weeks. 

Once your order arrives at our studio we can assemble them for you (upon request) or ship the items directly to you! We'll also send you tips for mailing out through USPS!

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