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Custom Hand-Painted Hats

Our custom hand-painted hats are more than just accessories - they're wearable art. Each hat is a one-of-a-kind creation, designed to be a statement piece that adds a distinctive touch to any outfit.

The designs bring the elegance and delicacy of flowers to life, creating a charming balance between fashion and art. Wear one, and not only will you be adding a stylish flair to your look, but you'll also be showcasing a unique piece of artistry, one that embodies your love for the botanical world. Each hat, therefore, is not just a fashion statement, but a celebration of the floral aesthetic, a testament to the timeless allure of nature's blossoms.

Custom hats start from $250

Our Custom Process

Flower vase002-web_edited.jpg


Step 1: Fill out

Contact Form

Get in touch with us by leaving your contact information and custom inquiry in the contact form. It is helpful for us to know what your budget is so please include that in your request. Keep in mind that our custom hats start at $250 and may increase in price depending on scope of design.


Step 2: Complimentary Consultation & Deposit

Once we receive your contact information we will reach out regarding next steps and a possible consultation to answer any of your questions and to explore your design vision! An upfront 50% deposit and signed contract is required for any custom request.


Step 3: Wait 2-3 Weeks for your one-of-a-kind hat!

Good things take time!

When your hat is finished, Modern Meliora will reach out and all remaining payments are due at this time. Once payment is received we will ship out your product and email you a tracking number. All hats are insured.

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