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Elevate your sticker game with our Pacific Northwest-Inspired Sticker Packs, available in sets of 3, 6, and 10. Each pack is a curated collection of our original gouache artwork stickers, celebrating the mesmerizing beauty of the Pacific Northwest. These aren't just stickers; they're affordable mini pieces of art that you can decorate your everyday items with!


You can choose your own selection of stickers or choose a Mystery pack and let me decide for you! 

PNW-Inspired Sticker Packs! Set of 3, 6, 10

  • Why You'll Love These Packs:

    • More Stickers, More Fun: Choose from sets of 3, 6, or 10 to suit your personal or gifting needs. Whether you're a casual collector or a sticker enthusiast, there's a perfect pack for you.
    • Value for Money: Buying a pack offers better value compared to purchasing individual stickers. The larger the pack, the more you save, making it a smart choice for those looking to collect or gift multiple designs.
    • Variety and Surprise: Each pack offers a diverse range of designs, ensuring a delightful mix of scenes and motifs inspired by the Pacific Northwest. It’s like receiving a surprise bundle of mini artworks!
    • Perfect for Gifting: These packs are ideal for the holiday season, making for unique and thoughtful gifts. They're great for friends, family, or colleagues, offering a touch of artistic charm to their everyday items.
    • Versatility and Durability: Like our individual stickers, each one in these packs is waterproof and perfect for adorning laptops, water bottles, and notebooks. They're crafted to be durable, ensuring long-lasting beauty wherever they're placed.

    Whether you're looking to start your own sticker collection, add to an existing one, or find the perfect, creative gift for someone special, our sticker packs are a fantastic choice! 

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